JSAM 80th Meeting

JSAM 80th Meeting

 General Session Topics

G-1 Prime mover, agricultural vehicles (vehicle dynamics,traveling performance,etc.)
G-2 Tillage and land preparation machineriesy (including soil physics and mechanics)
G-3 Cultivation and management machinery (fertilization, sowing, breeding, transplanting, pest control, irrigation, and cultivation and management systems)
G-4 Harvesting machineries (grain, fruit and vegetable)
G-5 Postharvest technologies for grains (drying and storage, preparation and processing)
G-6 Postharvest technologies for fruits and vegetables (storage, freshness preservation, preparation and processing)
G-7 Transportation, logistics and quality assessment of grains and fruits
G-8 Feed production and preparation machineries, livestock and poultry breeding machineries
G-9 Waste treatment and utilization (manure treatment, composting, feed conversion)
G-10 Agricultural production environment, production facilities, agricultural facilities
G-11 Mechatronics (robotics, automation, autonomous driving, etc.)
G-12 Sensing (sensor development, measurement method, nondestructive measurement, image processing, etc.)
G-13 Agricultural labor science (ergonomics, safety, etc.)
G-14 Plant factory, growth, biological information and properties of plants and animals
G-15 Agricultural and farming information systems (including precision agriculture, GPS, GIS)
G-16 Energy and biomass
G-17 Information and ommunication technologoies, Computer networks
G-18 Computer simulations (including algorithms)
G-19 Others